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Which disease killed the most in history? Influenza at 50 million deaths? How about Black Death at 200 million deaths? There’s actually one that killed even more: Malaria.

Although it might not be as infamous as the other diseases, malaria has killed more than half the humans to ever set foot on this earth. Half. That’s ~25 billion people!

Humanities Deadliest Killer

When representing malaria, many use the mosquito or anopheline mosquitoes. But malaria is actually a parasite that looks like this:

Building the future with living materials

When I ask you to picture the year 2100, what do you see? Flying cars? Quantum computers? Immortality?


Sea levels will rise by more than 4 meters, resulting in the creation of 300 million refugees. Severe changes in precipitation patterns will cause desertification while causing flash floods in other areas of the world. Wildfires, hurricanes, and droughts will become more frequent and intense. That’s what 2100 looks like — At least if we don’t stop climate change.

But: We’ve got a solution.

What actually is climate change?

Before diving into what we do at Zepher, let’s give some context behind climate change, starting with…

My top takeaways from Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is a pretty cool dude 😎.

He’s a co-founder of PayPal, founded Palantir Technologies, invests like crazy and is one of the brightest thinkers of our time! He’s been through a ton, so here are my top takeaways and lessons from him:

There’s No Science To Entrepreneurship:

Gene-Editing 101

“They were only around for about 300,000 years — ”

“What wiped them out?”

“We did.”

That’s at least how I anticipate it going down.

Homo Sapiens wiped out Neanderthals off the face of this planet. It was through pure violence but also a little mingling of the genes.

Homo Deusiens will do the same.

Who are these Homo Deusiens you ask? Evolved versions of us — except this time around it's not natural selection, it’s artificial selection.


Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks 101

Sight. One of nature’s finest gifts.

The ability for an organ to take photons from the outsight world, focus them, and then convert them into electrical signals is pure awesomeness! But what’s even more awesome is the organ behind your eyeballs — the brain!

The brain is able to take those electrical signals, convert them into images, and then figure out things like, who that person is across the street or what those funny symbols mean. It’s a miracle that we’re able to see, but an even greater miracle is our ablity to grant that gift to machines. …

A Review of The Knowledge Society (TKS)

8 months it’s been — 8 months that have fundamentally changed the trajectory of my life.

I was first introduced through one of the TKS talks with Uber and Google. Seeing 2 students that were the same age as I do AI, Blockchain and other crazy technologies, caught my attention. I was here slaving away at AP Calculus BC + Physics while they were literally doing AI! If I was going to pour my time and energy into something, it’s way more worth it to be doing cool stuff!

So I applied, and much to my surprise got into the…

Variational Quantum Eigensolvers 101

Imagine having perfect materials with god-like properties. The ability to have room-temperature superconductors or powerful magnetic properties that can levitate entire islands! That’s what we would call unobtainium!

Everyone strives to create this material, but sadly it is something of the future. But let’s go about obtaining it, shall we? To create new materials with these properties, we’ve got to understand it!

Understanding Unobtainium

To create unobtainium, we’ve got to know how its bonds and structure work — to know that, we’ve got to simulate them using computers!

Classical computers are bad at simulations. The complexity of the system grows way too…

ML x Quantum x Health

Undoubtedly, the eye is one of nature’s most precious gifts. It permits us to do all sorts of tasks like reading, working or watching television. But imagine having vision like this:

Quantum Teleportation 101

To be able to instantaneously move from one location to another has always been a fascination for us humans. From ancient myths to Star Trek, we have always seen teleportation as magic or science fiction. But it’s not fiction — It’s reality!

With Quantum Teleportation we can achieve teleportation! Well kind of at least…

What is Quantum Teleportation? 🤯

Quantum Computing 101

Imagine having a computer that was lightning fast. Something that was billions of times faster than anything on the market. That would be awesome! You could play Minecraft at a bazillion frames per second, search through terabits of data super quickly, and even design new drugs!

That may seem like a distant dream, but the reality is: it’s here! Quantum Computing!

For certain functions, quantum computing is blazing fast compared to what classical computers can do. Back in October of 2019, Google announced that they have achieved Quantum Supremacy for a certain task. …

Dickson Wu

Hi I’m Dickson! I’m a 17-year-old innovator at TKS who’s excited to change the course of humanity for the better! I love AI, physics and math!

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